aerotrainer reviews

Aerotrainer Reviews

Fitness will never be boring with the inflatable workout equipment. Aerotrainer reviews are discussed in this article, since it is an inflatable fitness platform.

Aerotrainer (available at is an innovative fitness platform that helps you exercise at home at a low cost.


As a revolutionary fitness platform, claims to be a breakthrough in the field of fitness and weight loss, being developed by GOLO.

GLO offers an effective natural weight loss plan and nutraceuticals that increase energy, support the immune system and optimize metabolic function.

GOLO was formed in 2009 with the goal of finding a solution to the problem of why so many people can’t lose weight or keep it off.

A team of doctors, pharmacists, and researchers is behind the development of GOLO.

Aerotrainer Reviews

AeroTrainer is an ergonomically designed inflatable fitness platform that allows you to work out at home or on the go. Using its dual-sided platform, you can easily do cardio as well as strengthen your core.

The AeroTrainer is a high-quality fitness platform that is both versatile and durable. Its ergonomic design allows you to work out safely and easily with the freedom to move around.

AeroTrainer is made from a tough, durable material that won’t deflate or fail under pressure — but it’s also lightweight and easy to assemble.

Using PVC and the same material as an inflatable air mattress, the AeroTrainer is made with heavy duty PVC.

All USA and European health standards for PVC are met in the AeroTrainer, which uses BPA-free PVC.

It is easy to clean the AeroTrainer with soapy water. It is possible to deflate AeroTrainer after each use and store it in a closet or even under the bed.

It is 40″ long, 37″ wide, and 23″ high when fully inflated and it is capable of supporting over 500 pounds.

It’s the best way to get all of the benefits of a stability ball and workout platform in your home.

Use AeroTrainer while sitting, standing, or laying down as you improve balance, burn more calories, build strength, increase flexibility, and reduce joint pain.

How Does It Work?

The Aerotrainer targets 29 core muscles in a complete workout to build strength, flatten the waistline, and improve posture.

There are 5 types of core muscles: front abdominals, side abdominals, back trunk muscles, transverse abdominals and obliques.

These muscles pull and compress the entire core and help flatten the waist.

With the AeroTrainer, you can reduce stress, improve flexibility, and increase core strength no matter your fitness level.

AeroTrainers encourage healthy lifestyles while providing people with a safe and comfortable way to exercise at home.

Cost/Price Plans

aerotrainer price

There is an offer on their website for only $79.80 for the AEROTRAINER. The regular price is $99.80 (a $20 savings). Alternatively, you can pay $19.95 per month.

Upon purchase of an AeroTrainer, you will receive the accompanying fitness poster that outlines the top exercises, the Instructional Guide, the GOLO For Life Plan, puncture patch kit, and a fast-functioning electric pump.

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Refund Policy and Customer Service Contact Info

Money is refunded within 60 days of purchasing the AeroTrainer. To receive a full refund, you can call 1 (800) 799 – 5838 or email

If you have any questions or are interested in exercising tips, you can contact them via social media.


The Aerotrainer reviews are positive, with only some minor improvements needed to enhance the customer experience.

Customers’ Facebook pages currently show that many of the products they have purchased from have been successful, and they desperately want the products to relieve their low back pain.

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If you’ve used AeroTrainer or GOLO products, please don’t hesitate to leave a review below. Your experiences could have a profound impact on other customers who are deciding whether or not to place an order — thank you for sharing!

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