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Crayon in Wallet Hack to Make Your Life Easier and Fun

It is so interesting to know a fact the crayon in wallet hack is searched by so many people. That life trick is maybe a simple and not essential to do, but in fact it has so many benefits.

It is especially for you who have a drawing hobby or if your kids love that so much.

Being able to bring that stuff everywhere will be great. However, that can be essential for all people too.

Why keep a crayon in your wallet?

It is because sometimes you may need to write a message or draw your location for in several situation.

However, the problem is that the size of it. That is why; you really need the right and effective live hack to do.

The good thing is that you can do it by your self. Here are several tricks to make the equipment and other things.

Crayon in wallet hack 1: Make your own purse

Well, it needs more time and effort, but just believe that this trick will be so effective. To make this craft, make sure to know in a more detail about what kinds of stuff that will be kept.

It can be one, two, three, or even more crayons there.

Then considered if you want to keep the other goods as well such as the small drawing book, pencil, and more.

Then what?

Prepare the fabrics in various different size. Cut them in the size that you need where usually it is 20” x 9”.

The concept is like making the foldable purse where you must create the pockets.

The inner pockets are for the crayons and the other equipment. For the outside part, sew the handle and place a large button where it can be used to lock this purse.

Crayon in Wallet Hack 2: Just Stick it

The key of this crayon in wallet trick is by choosing the right purse. For this case, you need the one which is foldable and it is better to choose the product that has a zipper pocket.

Usually, that is made as a place to keep the coins. All you need to do is just taking the crayons and stick it into your purse.

Who knows that the stuff like that will be so important in certain moments.

The examples are when you need to put the makeup on, make a temporary tattoo, write an address, draw with the kids, or something like that.

So, buy the right product from now.

Crayon in Wallet Hack 3: Roll it With Papers

This trick is for you who want to hide the pencils by using something. For this case, it is a smart idea to apply the small papers, money, and something like that.

To do this trick is so easy. The example is by using a money.

Place the crayon above that money and after that roll it slowly to ensure that it is as neat as possible.

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After that, place it in your purse. When it is needed, just take it and use it for any purposes.

The key is find the right size so that it can be rolled properly. This crayon in wallet hack is quite popular and easy to do.

What is the reason you put crayons in your wallet?

We all have our reasons for carrying crayons. It could be for a child, to doodle on an envelope or maybe even to make a last minute sign at a protest.

Whatever your reason, the crayons are there when you need them.

The wallet trick uses crayons

The Wallet Trick uses crayons to help you remember your shopping list. You can use a crayon to write your list on the inside of your wallet.

The crayon will rub off on the items you buy and help you remember what you need to buy the next time you go shopping.

Do you keep a crayon in your wallet to deter thieves?

Yes, I keep a crayon in my wallet. I keep it there as a reminder to not be so hard on myself when I make a mistake. I also keep it there because I have a lot of fun with it.

I am a very playful person and I like to have fun with the people around me. It is a great icebreaker to start a conversation with a stranger.

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