David Adefeso net worth

David Adefeso Net Worth and His Background Info

Talking about David Adefeso net worth is inseparable from who he is and what he does. David Adefeso is said to have a net worth of more than 10 million USD.

Adefeso is a Nigerian-born businessman in 1969. He was born with the name David Adeyemi Adefeso.

He moved from his home country to the United States when he was 21 years old with only 250 dollars in his pocket.

In his early life, he experienced many difficulties in his life. Until then he took the CPA exam and passed on the first try.

This led him to Harvard Business School and successfully graduated as one of the youngest postgraduates at the time.

After he graduated from university, he tried his luck by working on Wall Street.

There, he made a career as an investment banker and served for several companies in the US.

Now, he became one of the entrepreneurs who managed to climb from zero to become an American multi-millionaire.

Where David Adefeso Net Worth Comes From

His wealth comes from several businesses he owns. After working on Wall Street, he also briefly operated his financial company throughout America.

Then in 2017 he launched his financial technology startup called Sootchy.

It’s a crowdfunding platform that focuses on preparing parents so that their children can achieve higher education.

This is a dilator behind the fact that there are still many American students who successfully graduate from university, but still have large tuition debts.

Adefeso’s concern for the financial literacy of African-Americans is very high.

He feels that every child has the right to higher education and is free from debts for school fees.

With Sootchy, he invites parents to be free from education loans by preparing financing for children’s education from an early age and inviting people around them to contribute through the Gift system.

The startup he founded succeeded in obtaining pre-seed funding in 2019 which made it more developed.

He was declared as a multi-millionaire at the age of 32. Since then, David Adefeso’s wealth continues to increase to this day.

David Adefeso Net worth and Love Life

Succeeding with his business does not guarantee his love life will also be successful. If people are curious about David Adefeso wife, well, he has never been married before, but he was dating an American singer and actress, Tamar Braxtons.

The two met at a colleague’s wedding in 2018, and only went public after a few months of being in a relationship.

However, his relationship with the Braxtons did not go smoothly.

In 2020 he and his crush separated due to several issues, one of which was allegations of physical abuse.

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Adefeso admitted to the media that he received an attack from his ex-lover which caused him to file a restriction order for Braxtons.

Although his love life is quite complicated, Adefeso remains focused on running his business and startup, Sootchy.

In 2021, Sootchy is collaborating with Capital City Lighthouse to empower the black community in the States and this can increase David Adefeso net worth.

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