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Erie Metal Roofs Reviews: What to Know before Hiring Erie Metal Roofs

Are you looking for Erie Metal Roofs reviews before using the company’s services? Well, that’s a great idea to give you a deeper thought and information about the company.

The way they serve the clients, how good the work, and how much the costs are some common questions that people ask before hiring.

What’s Offered

Compared to asphalt and some other materials, metal roofings are considered more pricy.

However, you can be sure that roofings from metal will provide you with the things that other materials don’t have.

Erie Metal Roofs are more durable and need less cost to maintain. From classic styles like Spanish Tile to the more modern Dimensional Shingles, there will be many options available to choose from.

Why Choosing Metal Roofings?

Metal roofings are chosen by many for some good reasons.

1. Lifespans

Speaking about the lifespans, metal roofings are proven to last between 30 – 60 years. Just compare to roofings made of asphalt.

This type of roofing usually only lasts for 15 to 20 years.

That is why the metal roofings will be a good investment in the future. Installing them will avoid you replacing the roofs more frequently.

2. Cost of Maintenance

As for the maintenance costs, the Erie Metal Roofs reviews can tell that metal roofings are less expensive.

Depending on the damage, the maintenance of the roofings can cost hundreds of dollars. It can even cost more if you choosing a roofing type with poor materials.

Just say, you choose asphalt roofings. They might cost less in the beginning.

But, just add the maintenance costs and the frequent replacement costs to the initial installation costs of the asphalt roofings. The total cost is quite huge.

3. Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs are also energy-efficient. They can regulate temperatures of your house well.

This roofing type will help you keep the house cooler during the warmest months of the year, making it a more comfortable place to live in.

So, there will be no more additional costs needed for ACs.

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How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to the Erie Metal roofing prices, some factors make the cost different for one option to another.

Not only that but as a professional, the company also breaks down the cost of their products by the square foot.

Most of the time, the average cost of installation per square is based on 100 square feet.

However, you need to keep in mind that the decrease and increase of the Erie Metal roofings installation costs are also based on some other factors.

These include the protective features that come along with the roofs, the materials used, the quality of the materials, and more.

Erie Metal Roofs reviews also include installation costs of other roofing types.

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Generally speaking, the most common types of roofing come with the following average installation costs:

  • Asphalt roofing: $1 – $2 per square foot
  • Metal roofing: $7.50 – $12 per square foot
  • Zinc roofing: $10 – $12 per square foot
  • Cooper roofing: $13 – $18 per square

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