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How Much is Fausto Silva Net Worth

A television presenter managed to achieve a net worth of up to millions of dollars, who else if not Fausto Silva. He is a professional television presenter and presenter on various television shows. Fausto silva net worth in 2022, currently is around $40 million.

The presenter career that he started when he was young resulted in a net worth of up to millions. This income he got from various television shows made his name more known.

For those of you who are curious about the figure of Fausto silva, we will provide some basic information about this presenter and the source of his wealth.

Fausto Silva Biography

Fausto Silva is a television presenter who is now one of the richest people in Brazil. He started his career young and now has a net worth of up to $40 million.

Fausto Silva was born on May 2, 1950, in Sao Paulo. He became the most famous television personality because he was a long-time host of various variety shows in Brazil.

Fausto debuted in 1989 and he chose to be a presenter of various variety shows which eventually made him famous. Apart from being a variety show presenter, he is also a presenter for several well-known shows in Brazil such as Perdidos na Noite and Balance.

Fausto’s contribution is also very large, especially to world broadcasting. Fausto has also been awarded several important awards during his career as a presenter.

In addition to his profession as a presenter, Fausto also tried to become an actor. One of his best films is “Alma Gemea” which won him the best actor award at the “Premio Qualidade Brazil”.

Of course, with a very good career, he can get quite a lot of net worth among other presenter professions.

Fausto Silva Net Worth

After you know what Fausto Silva’s career is like, now we will provide several sources of Fausto Silva’s income apart from being a presenter:

Television Industry

Fausto Silva has an annual income that is quite a lot for a presenter working in the television industry. He managed to earn $ 4 million per year from the various shows he starred in.

His debut was in 1983 on the show “Balance” which was then broadcast on TV Gazeta or Radio Excelsior. Furthermore, his career continued as a presenter on the shows ‘Safenados e Safadinhos” and “Perdidos na Noite”.

Since 1989, Fausto has also worked on the television show “Domingo do Fausto” which was then broadcast on Rede Globo. This event allowed him to increase his net worth.

Then in 1990 Fausto Silva made his debut as an actor in the film “Sonho de Verao”. Not only that, Fausto even had a role as Inspector Fausto in the film “Inspector Fausto no Mallanro”.

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Luxury Home

One of Fausto’s highest achievements was buying a luxury house in Brazil which cost R$35 million. This penthouse is located in Jardim Europa and has 12 bedrooms.

He managed to buy a luxurious house with the best facilities in Brazil. Now he lives in a penthouse which he bought with the wealth accumulated during his career.

Apart from buying a penthouse, Fausto also owns a luxury house in Sao Paulo. Because his career is getting higher, the wealth he has is increasing. Moreover, Fausto has also opened several businesses that can increase his income.

Fausto started his career at a young age and has now managed to become one of the richest people in Brazil. Fausato silva net worth now reaches $13 million in 2022. Thanks to his career as a professional presenter and actor in several films, Fausto has managed to reach the peak of his current career.

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