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What is George Poteet’s Net Worth? The Man Behind the Wheel

This time, let’s take a closer look into the information on George Poteet’s net worth, personal, career, and relationship backgrounds.

Hot rods have gained quite a name for themselves among the racing world. That may be because of the unique qualities they possess.

If you are a fan of classic cars and racing, especially the hot rods, you might have heard of a racer named George Poteet. If you don’t, then today must be your lucky day!

George Poteet’s Biography

The data on his early childhood reveals that George Poteet was raised in Mississippi and has always had fancy cars since little.

However, his family was quite unfortunate back then, so Poteet had to work hard and earn his own money to buy a car.

Like a dream come true, now, he is a popular car race driver and businessman living in Tennessee, who still manages to achieve awards in his 70s.

Time for the question that gets asked a lot, “Is George Poteet married?”

Yes, he is married and decided to live in the rural part of Tennessee where he owns a 1000-acres car compound to work on and keep his classic cars collections maintained.

George Poteet’s Business and Racing Career

During his racing career, he and his team successfully made quite such an impression on the public by making over 13 Bonneville and 6 FIA world records.

For that, they are somehow known for always trying to break new records through continual practices and improvements on the infamous Speed Demon, Poteet’s race car.

This is one of the reasons why he frequently stars in a lot of hot rod and car magazines.

Aside from being a car racer, he also runs a business. Surely, this adds more value to the total of George Poteet’s net worth.

Moreover, his business allows him to collaborate with several designers and assemblers from the best automotive industries for making show cars that cater to the aesthetic and performance needs to be able to compete.

Of course, this offers a chance to those car assemblers and designers to cultivate their skills in customizing the best cars and hot rods there are.

George Poteet’s Collection

george poteet car collection

Nothing excites a car enthusiast like owning good collections of their favorite cars. There was a report in 2018 that said Poteet has already collected more than 120 cars spread all over his properties.

They include trucks and the classic ones, and those numbers are probably still adding since he has a business where he gets to build and customize cars with the help of professionals in their field.

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George Poteet’s Net Worth

Over the years, Poteet’s achievements from becoming a car racer and businessman have brought plenty of fortunes into his life.

In an article posted 8 months ago, it was informed that his total net worth is about $14 million. There hasn’t been found any trustable source that can verify his net worth value in 2021.

From the facts presented above, George Poteet’s passion for racing is indeed no longer questionable. Nevertheless, those are a little bit of what is known of him that is worth sharing.

Where is George Poteet from?

George Poteet grew up in Mantachie, Mississippi. Mantachie is located in Itawamba County, which is in the northern part of Mississippi.

Mantachie is about an hour and a half south of Memphis, Tennessee and about an hour north of Tupelo, Mississippi.

Where did George Poteet get his money?

George Poteet returned to work for National Safety Associates in 1969 and quickly rose to senior management before becoming the company’s second-largest shareholder.

But in addition to his business success, he has a thriving business selling nutritional supplements.

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