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What is Isaac Wright Jr’s Net Worth? Explained in Detail

If you’re looking to know what Isaac Wright Jr’s net worth, then you’ve come to the right place! Isaac Wright Jr is an American lawyer who was born on January 23, 1962.

Known as the man who uncovered the truth behind his accusation for being New York’s drug kingpin about three decades ago, there is more to Isaac Wright Jr. that you need to know.

The captivating story about Isaac Wright Jr. getting himself out of jail has prompted a question on who he is to rise. What else is there to explore?

Further explanations about Isaac Wright Jr’s net worth and personal information are gathered and written here for you.

Who is Isaac Wright Junior?

Isaac Wright Jr. is an American lawyer who was born on January 23, 1962. In his early life, he lived in South Carolina with both of his parents, Wright Sr. and Sadra B.Wright.

Then, in 1990, life took a wrong turn for him. He was prisoned in New Jersey State Prison and sentenced for life after a trial in 1991 over a wrongful conviction regarding him being involved in the circulation of drugs in New York.

Isaac Wright Jr’s Settlement

However, life also has such a mysterious way of revealing the truth sometimes. After about 7 years of being jailed, he and his lawyer successfully proved that the evidence used at the trial had been tampered with by the police.

Finally, he was released, and then able to settle his case with the prosecutor.

Since then, he and his story have notoriously inspired many souls to stand for freedom and rights. All his journeys in life have made him one of the impactful people that led him to an opportunity of becoming a candidate mayor for New York City in the 2021 Mayoral election.

With that, there is no doubt that it has added more numbers to Isaac Wright Jr’s net worth.

Isaac Wright Jr’s Wife and Daughter Now

Before Isaac Wright Jr. went to prison, he was a producer of a music group. Later, he got married to the lead vocalist, Sunshine Wright who now becomes his former wife.

It was reported that Sunshine was also in jail for the same drug case as Isaac.

During their marriage, they had a daughter named Tikealla Wright. Collected from several sources, Tikaella was just about five years old when her parents caught up with the drug case.

A source stated that she is currently working in Brisbane, California as an Office Manager/ Executive Assistant to President and Chief Revenue Officer at Mode Media Corporation, which is formerly known as Glam Media.

Isaac Wright Jr’s Net Worth

Since his discharge from prison in 1996, Isaac Wright Jr came to be a public figure who continually makes appearances on his social media accounts.

In one source written in August 2021, Isaac Wright Jr’s net value is approximately worth $600 thousand at the moment.

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Since he decided to join in the Mayoral election this year, he has opened a donation through his Instagram account, which is followed by 174 thousand people.

Overall, those are some significant pieces of information about Isaac Wright Jr. for you to study.

From the explanation, you can see that there is a fortune in every good story, and Isaac’s story is one example you get to witness in this text.


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