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Facts behind Luma Soda Net Worth that Might be Surprising You

Do you love to drink cans of soda made by Luma every single day? You must be wondering how much Luma Soda net worth.

However, if you know that many products like soda, apple juice, or even sports drinks contain too much sugar, it will be a different story if it comes to Luma.

The owner of this company said that all of the various drinks made by this company are sweetened by honey and monk-fruit.

That must be a reason why this company has a lot of loyal customers that always try to grab its product.

But have you ever thought that a company which is not much bigger than Coca-Cola earns its money?

If you’re wondering how great Luma Soda, we can help you to find the answer down below.

Get to Know More about Luma Soda Net Worth

Before you jump into the review about Luma Soda revenue, it’s better for you to understand more how actually the company is.

What is Luma-Soda?

This can be seen as a line of premium sodas that use honey and any other natural ingredients like monk-fruit for its sweetener.

Instead of using tons of sugar, the corporation chooses healthier substances.

This beverage corporation offers various tasty flavors which only contain 3-4 grams of sugar and 25 calories in each 12 ounce.

This product furthermore is made in various flavors such as classic Cola, Blood Orange, Lemon-Lime, and Cherry Cola.

The Story Behind the Founder of Luma Soda Net Worth

Luma Soda definitely started from how the company was made. This company was founded in 2017 by Jim Otteson who got his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology in Brigham Young University.

But before, exactly in 1988 to 1991, Jim Otteson also attended law school at Yale University before he finally worked for the Idaho Supreme Court as Judicial Clerk until 1992.

Before he decided to build a beverage business, he ever worked for multiple law firms as a partner.

However, for now Otteson is known as the CEO of Otteson Law that is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

Even though he’s no longer the CEO of Luma-Soda, this beverage company still runs the business well.

So, where to buy Luma Soda? Where can we find these delicious drinks easily?

For those who want to taste this beverage, Luma-Soda is still available to get in several select partners in the US.

Moreover, the corporation also provides the product for purchase online.

How Does Luma Soda Net Worth Look Like?

As this product came up in the program called Shark Thank, it has earned about $180,000 to date in direct consumer sales.

Although it’s reported that Luma Soda shark tank only earned less than 10% of repeat sales, there is about $600,000 in inventory and just $30,000 in cash reserves.

By only selling the product for $19.99, this corporation has around $1,750,000 of the capital that came from entrepreneur investment.

In recent years, the company is trying to reach online consumers by conducting online promotions.

As the report says, this beverage company has burned about $15,000 a month for running an online marketing.

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What’s more interesting is that the company recently has no debt at all.

You spend a lot of money to buy this product because you like how it tastes.

Thus, it’s not surprising that Luma Soda net worth came from the loyal consumers who love to buy this product due to its finest quality and taste.

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