Posture Now Net Worth

Posture Now Net Worth

This article will discuss Posture Now Net Worth. Posture Now has been featured on Shark Tank. If you want to know how much it is worth then this blog will be helpful to you.

This blog will also answer various questions related to Posture Now.

Posture Now is a simple but powerful reminder to keep your shoulders back and stand or sit up straight. The gentle, adjustable strap attaches to your upper back to give you a subtle nudge when you slouch.

With regular use, Posture Now fights your naturally relaxed posture.

What is Posture Now?

PostureNOW is the world’s easiest way to improve posture. PostureNOW helps you do it automatically, using the principle of muscle memory.

Because your muscles remember your bad habits, PostureNOW helps you automatically hold good posture by pulling your shoulders back

And because PostureNOW is so easy to use, you can be confident that you’re doing it right.

Posture Now Net Worth

The Sharks enter the Shark Tank seeking $100,000 for a 15% stake in Posture Now. Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts demonstrate their commitment to good posture by dancing for the Sharks to show that posture can make a difference.

The Posture Now is a patented and extremely popular device. It’s been an incredible success for the founders and they’ve sold over $330,000 worth of them on their website.

The Posture Now is a great device to sell to chiropractors and other physical therapists who want to correct postures in their clients suffering from hunched over positions that cause neck pain and back pain.

Mike and Matt had been working hard at growing PostureNow, and they made an excellent decision to quit their jobs after the show aired.

Less than a week after the Shark Tank episode aired, Posture Now had sold $100,000 worth of products! In March 2013, Mike and Matt were traveling around the country, making new hires and launching new product lines.

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How Posture Now Works

The PostureNOW desk posture brace helps keep your shoulders and neck in good posture, not just for three seconds but for hours.

When you use the PostureNOW posture corrector brace, you get a reminder to maintain good posture all day long.

If you can stand with good posture for three seconds, there’s no reason why you can’t stand with good posture for three minutes, then three hours, etc.

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That’s what the PostureNOW posture corrector brace does, it corrects your posture when you aren’t wearing it. It helps you create the habit of good posture.

Your body and mind will begin to work together to create the habit of good posture.

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