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The Source of Rand Gauthier Net Worth

Rand Gauthier is known as the man who plays an important role in leaking the once-famous sex tapes of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. A video that has since been considered an icon that started the leaking of private videos from many celebrities. Even the leaked video gave Rand Gauthier net worth of the sale of the private videotape.

Who Is Rand Gauthier?

Before the tape stealing incident, Rand was just an ordinary person who had a relatively orderly life.

Since the leak of a private video between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, she has had several experiences that range from being an electrician to working in the adult film industry and even working with the mafia.

Rand Gauthier’s Life Story

1. Before becoming an electrician

Many have come to know Rand Gauthier because of the leaking of private video footage between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. He was able to do that because, at the time, he was working as an electrician at the luxurious mansion where the celebrity couple lived.

However, before becoming an electrician there, in the late 1980s Rand met an adult film actress named Erica Boyer, who then introduced him to several adult film directors who allowed him to star in adult films with him.

Since then, Rand’s career in the adult film industry began which was not long but relatively famous, where he also changed his name to Austin Moore.

2. Become an electrician in a celebrity mansion

However, because he didn’t enjoy having sex in a room with a lot of people, Rand soon began to focus on working as an electrician, which led him to work at Pamela and Tommy Lee’s house in Malibu.

After being fired for an unpaid wage of 20,000 dollars, Rand decides to steal a safe kept in the couple’s garage and then finds a tape with private footage which later goes viral.

3. Selling privately recorded videos

Rand and adult film producer and director Milton Ingley started selling VHS copies of private footage online for 59.95 dollars and began making a fortune.

However, since neither of them possessed the rights to the private video after it was taken illegally, they were then unable to prevent other smugglers from hijacking and selling copies of the footage.

When the footage became accessible via online streaming, Rand and Milton’s earnings dwindled even more.

4. Back to being an electrician

After the incident, Rand finally returned to being an electrician. According to his page, he worked at the University of California as an electrician and as an electrical engineer and business relations manager at Tricon International.

Rand also reportedly runs a business called Q Electrical Services in Santa Rosa, California, that specializes in wired motor controllers and equipment used to control engine speed.

Gauthier also claims that he is doing research on polyacrylamide gels. Not only that, but he is also working on a book on the symbolism in religion and the nature of magic.

Where Did Rand Gauthier’s Wealth Come From?

According to some compiled sources, Rand Gauthier net worth currently is estimated at around $200,000.

Despite his short-lived profits, it looks like almost all of the money he made selling the multiple copies of the celebrity sex tapes that went viral is also rapidly declining.

It’s also unclear whether he got his fair share of the records sold because Milton took care of all the money and his partying habits.

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Although the legal sales of the video were reported to be 77 million dollars in the first year, the man who stole the original tapes from the home of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee of which he was Rand Gauthier only got a small share of the money as most of the fund went to Internet Entertainment Group (Seth Warshavsky’s).

Reportedly, Rand Gauthier currently runs an electrical services company, and he likely has a relatively modest lifestyle.

That’s a little discussion about Rand Gauthier’s net worth and where he got his money and a little story about his career journey.

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