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Spikeball Net Worth 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Along with its increasing popularity, Spikeball net worth is also reported to gain significantly. It is even estimated that the net worth of the company is up to millions per year.

Find out more about the company’s fortune on the following page.

Spikeball – Company’s Revenue

Being established in 2007, Spikeball now transforms into a giant company. According to Wikipedia’s page of Spikeball in 2017, the company has generated up to $15 million in the same year.

This amount of revenue is predicted to keep increasing in 2021 since the company has sold one-million net so far.

Not only that but Spikeball company net worth is also great since it keeps generating more money as well.

The company’s source of income comes from the roundnet game equipment they produced.

Not only providing the equipment, but Spikeball also sponsors the game in various countries. These include the United States, Belgium, and Canada.

Started from a Small Basement

Speaking about the Spikeball net worth, not many people know that the journey of the company was started from a basement.

It was Chris Ruder who had the idea to start the business. Ruder was then helped by 5 of his friends to start the company by raising $1,000,000.

It’s a brilliant idea and the game is loved by many people.

The equipment produced by Spikeball got massive popularity when the game was played by student colleges around Chicago.

The Spikeball’s revenue keeps increasing since then. Along with the increasing number of fans, the company also grows bigger quite fast.

Chris Ruder also bought the right of the equipment of the game. To produce the equipment, Ruder worked together with a manufacturer in China.

The rapid growth of Spikeball allows it to have thousands of employees who work in the company’s huge production factories.

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Spikeball’s Shark Tank Deal

One of the most anticipated news related to Spikeball in 2015 was the company’s deal with Shark Tank.

The rumours of the Spikeball’s 500K Shark Tank came to surface when Chris Ruder and co., were on the TV show.

Both the founders of the Spikeball and Shark Tank came to an agreement as the part of the show.

Based on the agreement, it was said that Daymond Green would invest $500,000 for a 20% stake in Spikeball.

To lock up the deal, Chris Ruder worked quite hard. He seemed very close to get it, anyway.

However, some Sharks thought that the Spikeball’s founder pushed a little bit too far in the process.

Ruder also got offer from Kevin O’Leary which he declined. Instead, Ruder chose to have negotiation with Daymond.

However, the agreement between Spikeball and Shark Tank never came to reality.

It seemed that Daymond tried to merchandise the equipment produced by Spikeball. He wanted to sell more products by licensing the equipment using another brand.

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Chris Ruder decided to stop the negotiation once he found it.

He thought that the practice will turn a fun sport into a toy only for business.

However, the disagreement about the $500K doesn’t affect the Spikeball net worth and it keeps increasing.

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