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Tim Gillean Net Worth You Can’t Ever Imagined

Tim Gillean net worth is unimaginable. He is the co-founder and current president of the Dallas-based private equity firm Cross Equities, LLC.

Everyone knows him as a successful private entrepreneur who lives in all his luxuries.

Tim Gillean is a bussiness man and also know as Gage Gillean dad, a teen Youtuber. Tim has an affinity for expensive, exclusive, and rare cars.

There is no denying that he has had great success in his work. One of the most special is the Pagani Huayra.

There is only one purple 2017 Pagani Huayra Roadster in this specially designed world.

This car price is worth more than 3 million dollars and almost the entire body is wrap by carbon fiber.

Unfortunately, the exotic car has been smashed to pieces due to his son’s accident.

In addition, he still owns several expensive cars from the world’s most famous hypercar manufacturing companies.

Also, the expensive cars are stored in the house like his palace.

How Much is Tim Gillean Net Worth?

In his article, the Daily Mail mentions that Tim have a personal business and make him become a billionaire.

Even though his net worth is more than 1 billion dollars, he hasn’t mention in the rich people lists by Forbes.

According to its portfolio of Cross Equities, the company invests and develops real estate projects globally.

Of course, each project is worth multi-millions of dollars and that’s why we called him a Billionaire Gillean.

One of the projects that became the focus of the business world at that time was the Fannie Mae loan.

This is a more than 25 million dollars project that they are working on with HREC to refinance a multifamily community in Dallas.

Judging from his general appearance, he had the appearance of being attractive if seen as a car racer, or maybe we can say as an expensive cars enthusiast.

Tim Gillean net worth made he can effort his luxury hobby.

Tim and his son are fast cars or ‘Hypercars’ enthusiast. Gillean’s son Gage always shows their beutiful yet exotic cars in their garage on his youtube channel GGexotics.

They all look absolutely tempting.

His son, Gage Gillean, also seems like having crush with a new comer of Koenigsegg Jesko, as can be seen from his youtube video upload.

In the video, it can be seen that Tim is very concerned about Regera. I think it’s one of his favorite cars.

Tim Gillean Net Worth is Nothing Compared to His Son Life

In one of his videos, Gage claims that they had exotic cars worth $20 million. But unfortunately, tt was mentioned before the big accident that made the Pagani Huayra shattered into pieces.

After the accident happened, Tim only replaced it by buying a 224 mph car in June 2020. Besides that, a mega yacht worth more than 20 million dollars is also bought by him.

Gage and his friend brought it to Bahamas.

Since the accident that occurred on November 24, Gage Gillean’s youtube channel, GGExotics, has been flooded with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

It makes GG exotics net worth get high in just a moment.

While driving with Zach Walker, a youtuber, Gage said that he heeded the pressure warning.

Despite being under limit of the speed, he admitted that he can’t control the car due to the right rear tire come off.

Then suddenly he turned right to avoid the bridge ahead. Because of that the car was crashed into some trees at high speed.

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After that he made an apologizes video for the creator of Pagani because of destroying the unique car.

gg exotics net worth

As for his dad, Tim Gillean says he’s angry but can’t stay for long. He said that the car could be replaced, but his son was irreplaceable.

When compared to the safety of his son, Tim Gillean net worth is nothing more.

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