Tom Hoge Net Worth

How Much is a Tom Hoge Net Worth?

Tom Hoge is a professional golfer from America and has been playing professional golf since 2011. Even in 2011, Tom managed to join the Players Cup on the Canadian tour. This time we will find out how much is a Tom Hoge net worth in 2022.

Tom Hoge also won more than half a dozen trophies in various amateur events during his lifetime. As we know that Tom Hoge became a professional golf athlete who certainly has many sponsors who have given him a lot of wealth to this day.

About Tom Hoge

Tom Hoge was born in Statesville, North Carolina on May 25, 1989. Tom has a sister Elli and a brother named Charlie.

Tom’s early career was when he won several amateur golf games in North Dakota and Minnesota, where he had lived for several years. But his career as a professional began with the Tour of Canada in 2011.

He also managed to win the 2011 Canadian Tour Players Cup even in his first appearance. After that, he played on and played for 3 years.

Tom Hoge’s Biography

Since 2015, Hoge has played on the PGA Tour and his record at the 2015 National Children’s Hospital Championship is that he managed to finish second and still win the highest achievement on the PGA Tour.

While in the 2021 season, namely at the Farmer Insurance Open, Tom managed to rank 5th while Beau Hossler and Harry Higgs were in 9th place.

Tom Hoge Net Worth

Since his career as a golf professional, he has a net worth of over $6 million despite only being a professional golfer for a few years. Although his career was quite short, Tom Hoge became very successful, especially with his economy.

Because a professional golf player already has a lot of income, especially prize money from sponsorships, advertisements, contracts, and collaborations. Even in his final season, Tom Hoge managed to bring in $1.8 million from 25 events involving 13 games.

Of course, Tom’s career cannot be separated from the support of his partner. Tom is active on social media and often posts about his family. Tom Hoge and Kelly Hoge got married in December 2017.

The two had dated for quite a long time and finally got engaged. They mutually support each other’s careers and make Tom Hoge’s career cannot be separated from Kelly’s support.

As of 2022, Tom Hoge has earned a career-long total of $7,250,630 per year and average prize money of $906,329. With such a large prize pool, Tom Hoge became one of the richest and most successful golf professionals at a young age.

Even with just 9 years since 2011, Tom Hoge managed to earn $146,358 during his matches. But the best year Tom Hoge has ever achieved was from 2019 to 2020, with revenues of $1,857,073.

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Tom Hoge’s income certainly cannot be underestimated because he managed to reach the peak of his career in just a short time. Almost all of Tom’s earnings come from matches and prize money from contracts, partnerships, and advertising.

As of 2022, Tom Hoge net worth reaches $7,250,630 with sources of income from various matches, sponsorships, prizes, partnerships, and advertisements. Of course, this income is not small, especially since his career has become a professional.

Tom Hoge is now one of the golf professionals who managed to achieve riches in just a short time. Unlike other players who need time to reach the highest income.

Tom Hoge managed to prove his career during 9 years as a golf professional because he has won many amateur matches before. Surely Tom’s career will continue to improve throughout the years.

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