Who is Fix-It Felix wife

Who Is Fix It Felix Wife? Find the Answer Here!

Those who watch Wreck-It Ralph know a character known as Fix-It Felix. He is the protagonist in this movie. What kind of character is he? Some viewers were also curious about Fix It Felix wife.

Learn more about this character below.

About Fix-It Felix

When you see a small man with a blue plumber’s outfit and a white undershirt in Wreck-It Ralph the movie, it is Fix-It Felix. He is so attractive with his golden-brown boots and gloves.

As a character, Fix-It Felix is cheerful and lovable.

Because of his character, people in Nicelanders are happy. Plus, he can fix a variety of stuff, including windows and others.

Fix It Felix even becomes Ralph’s best friend whereas other people in the Nicelanders don’t. So, is Fix-It Felix the bad guy?

Based on this information, Felix is not a bad guy. He is even a good guy who can help people in the Nicelanders, including Ralph.

Fix-It Felix Love Life

The most common question when discussing Fix-It Felix is a unique love interest. At first, you will see that Felix is interested in a woman known as Sergeant Calhoun.

Both of them cooperate well in the movie. That’s why most viewers ask who is Fixit Felix’s love interest.

Is it true that Sergeant Calhoun is his love interest? They are even more curious about Fix It Felix wife. You will get the answer below

About Sergeant Calhoun

You should know more about Sergeant Calhoun to answer the questions, such as who is Fix-It Felix wife?

She is also known as Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun. Unlike Fix-It Felix, Calhoun is a tall and slender woman.

Viewers will notify her of her blonde bob-cut hair and side bangs. Plus, she wears cool heavy armor with red and black colors.

As a character, Sergeant Calhoun has a dark trauma toward his husband. Because of that, she becomes a spiteful woman. Her attitude changes when meets Fix-It Felix.

Fix-It Felix Wife

Yes! Fix-It Felix is falling in love with Sergeant Calhoun. She becomes Felix’s love interest. Does Calhoun marry Felix and become his wife?

Yes! At the end of the movie, Calhoun becomes Mrs. Felix. It means that she is Felix’s wife.

About Wreck-It Ralph and Its Characters

Talking about Felix and Calhoun seems incomplete without discussing its movie, Wreck-It Ralph. What rating is Wreck It Ralph?

Rotten Tomatoes rated this movie 87 percent out of 100 percent. It means that this movie is good enough to watch with family. On the other hand, IMDb rated this movie 7.7 out of 10.

The review from parents is 3.5 out of 5. Vanellope Von Schweetz is another interesting character to discuss.

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This little girl is the character in this film. People will notify her if they love to play Sugar Rush. Yes, she is the princess of this game.

Who is the voice of vanellope von schweetz?

It is Sarah Silverman, an American stand-up comedian and writer who covers her cute voice.

You may also be curious about her age because Schweetz looks so brave as a young girl.

How old is Vanellope?

Believe it or not, she is a 9-year-old girl! As a young girl, Vanellope is so brave. Just like Fix-It Felix, Vanellope also has a good relationship with Ralph. She thinks that Ralph is her big brother.


Now, you finally know the main characters from Wreck-It Ralph. Each of them is unique. It seems that you are entering a new world when watching the movie.

The most important thing is that you know that Sergeant Calhoun is Fix It Felix wife.

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