Mika kleinschmidt daughter adopted

Mika Kleinschmidt Daughter Adopted: Who is Jade?

Mika kleinschmidt daughter adopted – Mika Kleinschmidt is a well-known American reality TV star, real estate developer, social media influencer, interior designer, business owner, and fitness enthusiast.

She gained popularity through her work on HGTV’s 100 Day Dream Home, where she collaborates with her husband Brian to assist prospective homeowners in building their dream home within 100 days. In recent years, Mika has also involved her daughter Jade in her renovation projects, displaying her family’s closeness and support for each other.

This article will delve into Mika Kleinschmidt’s life as a mother and how Jade came to be a part of her family.

Growing Up and Education

Mika Kleinschmidt was born to African American parents in Tampa, Florida. Her father, Thomas McGee, served in the military, which resulted in her spending some time growing up abroad.

She attended Riverview High School in Sarasota for her senior year of high school before earning a degree in public communication and media studies from the University of South Florida.

Career Path

After beginning her career as a real estate agent, Mika joined Your Total Realty in 2016. She later quit the company in September 2017 and became a Realtor Sales Associate at Imperio Real Estate LLC.

In 2019, Mika and her husband signed a contract with HGTV, and they have since been featured on the program 100 Day Dream Home.

The couple won the Rock the Block season 2 competition series on HGTV, which featured well-known stars from the network competing against each other.

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Jade’s Role in Mika’s Work

Mika involves her daughter Jade in her renovation projects and has even created Disney-inspired rooms for their clients with Jade’s help.

Mika’s Instagram account showcases Jade’s participation in their family activities, including art projects, baking, and outdoor adventures. Mika and Brian’s inclusion of Jade in their work and activities reflects their family-oriented mindset.

Jade’s Parentage

Mika and Brian met in high school, but they did not start dating until much later. Although Brian is not Jade’s biological father, he has been her father figure since she was born.

Mika had Jade with a former partner before she reconnected with Brian. The identity of Jade’s biological father has remained unknown to the public.

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What nationality is Mika from 100 day house?

Although her father was in the military and she was born in the United States, Mika’s nationality is American.

Various online sources claim that Mika is of African-American descent. Don’t miss the latest episodes of HGTV’s 100 Day Dream Home, airing every Monday at 8 p.m. EST.

Who are Mika Kleinschmidt’s parents?

Mika Kleinschmidt’s father goes by the name of Thomas McGee and her mother is known as Yolanda Pozzi.

How many kids does Mika Kleinschmidt have?

Mika Kleinschmidt, who is a well-known HGTV personality, has multiple roles such as hosting the hit show 100 Day Dream Home and being a mother to her daughter, Jade.

Along with her husband, Brian Kleinschmidt, who is also a home improvement expert, they have been delighted to witness their only child develop her own interest in home design.

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