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Interesting Pricetitution Net Worth Card Game Full Review

Are you curious about the Pricetitution Net Worth? It is basically a card game which is completed with the twist. There are some equipments that the players can have.

Those are like the notepads for guessing, the cards, pencils, and for sure the instructions.

This game is so fun and can be played together with your friends every day.

What is the idea?

The Pricetitution game idea is about completing task or actions for money for sure. Basically, it will allow all the players to know each other better and faster. Do this for that action.

You can ask how much money that it would take to make the others do some odd actions.

The Pricetitution sales are quite amazing until now. Before you play it, read about the detail below.

The Pricetitution Net Worth and How It Is Started

Everything was begun when a person named Dan quit from his job in a creative advertisement agency.

Then he started to launch his own game where very first of all the kick starter fund was made.

Then Dan has created the viable product which is on the market. That has been seen for about $40,000 in more than only 2 months of the sales.

It is related with the Pricetitution shark tank.

The sharks are so interested in some chances offered in this game. Those sharks have been equipped with the licensing opportunities with the biggest manufacturer of card and toy.

In that time, this game is looking for the $100,000 in exchange for twenty percent equity in its enterprise.

That seems like a great opportunity to take, but then Dan declined the offers.

The Review Pricetitution Net Worth from the People

In that Period, Dan said that he was looking for the right partners who can help him. It is especially to create the beneficial deals to his enterprise and also the manufacturers.

Then, the Sharks are so impressed with the quality, branding, and also the comedic value of that thing.

The review said that they are also impressed by the Dan’s effort to finish the game.

It is especially when his margin is high and keeping the cost low. Who is the one who made an offer for this game?

Based on the Pricetitution Reviews, the answer is Kevin O’Leary.

That was a high cost one since he offered $100,000 for the 50/50 partnership. After that, Rohan Oza was also interested to the partnership.

He drawn a relation between it and cards against humanity.

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The Offers for Pricetitution Net Worth

ROHAN offers $100,000 for 40% of that enterprise. Then, it is followed by Lori Greiner who gives the same value as well.

Meanwhile, Barbara Corcoran loves the idea, but not if it is in a box.

She prefer to see people to create their own categories and answers. Then she offers $100,000 for 50 percent of the ownership. Finally, a decision is also taken by the sharks.

Rohan and Lori then decided to come together for the $100,000 investments.

That was for 40 percent share that is splitted between those people. Dan finally agree to that Pricetitution net worth.

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