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What is the Polar Pro Net Worth? What Happened After Shark Tank?

If you’re wondering what the Polar Pro net worth is, then stay tuned to find out! In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the company itself.

People might be super curious about Polar Pro’s net worth after the shark tank pitch. The deal was interesting and the technology industry grows pretty rapidly.

Can PolarPro make it in the real world?

What is PolarPro?

Nowadays, people have better access to tools for photography. It is super easy to get a camera with pretty sophisticated features to capture the best moment.

Nevertheless, a photography enthusiast will not think that owning a camera is enough. Having accessories is a must.

PolarPro understands this need and offers various kinds of photography equipment.

The accessories offered by PolarPro are very innovative. You can find a selfie stick that can do more than just a selfie stick since it can also be used for charging camera batteries.

However, you can find unique products from PolarPro including lens filters for drones and GoPros.

From the polar pro shark tank pitch, PolarPro has focused on the accessories for the action camera users.

The PolarPro products can be used to enhance the images obtained by GoPro cameras.

The Man Behind PolarPro

Before you can learn more about the Polar Pro net worth, you should know the person behind PolarPro.

The funder of PolarPro is Jeff Overall. He also becomes the CEO of the company.

Before running PolarPro, he was an entrepreneur in crab selling as his first business.

He started the PolarPro business because he has a passion for photography.

He did more than just capturing the moment because he runs a successful business associated with his photography passion.

The story of the PolarPro was started during his skiing holiday. He tried using a polarized film over his GoPro lens.

It became the solution for the overexposure problem of the GoPro camera.

During the Shark Tank Pitch

To fund his business with PolarPro GoPro accessories, Overall joined Shark Tank. He tried to get $500,000 to start the business.

In exchange, he offered 10 percent equity. He could offer the product with quality and innovation. That is why the Sharks were very impressed.

After all of the deal among the Sharks, Overall accepted the deal from Cuban and Herjavec.

Each would give $500,000 to PolarPro and each would receive 10% in exchange.

With this amount of deal for the company, there is no doubt that people are curious about polar pro revenue.

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PolarPro After Shark Tank

The deal in Shark Tank is just the beginning of the company story. Some business plans might not run properly after the pitching.

Nevertheless, polar pro after shark tank can be considered one of the most successful businesses from the Shark Tank pitching.

Because of the Shark Tank investments, PolarPro has a lot of benefits. Their products are available online.

You can also find their products in surf and hobby shops.

The annual revenue of PolarPro is estimated at $4.7M. The company is employing about 26 employees to run the business in technology hardware.

The headquarter of the company can be found in Costa Mesa, California.

There are some competitors in the business but seeing the Polar Pro net worth, it seems that this company remains strong to keep up with the digital business that is constantly changing.

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